New Sound Recordings

Upright Women Wanted
Gailey, Sarah
Three Days at the Brink Three Days at the Brink
Whitney, Catherine
Inevitable Seductions
Jones, Christina C.
Straight On Till Morning Straight On Till Morning
Braswell, Liz
Lee, Mackenzi
The Conference of the Birds
Riggs, Ransom
The Snowy Day The Snowy Day
Keats, Ezra Jack
American Sherlock
Dawson, Kate Winkler
Things in Jars Things in Jars
Kidd, Jess
Sunnyside Plaza Sunnyside Plaza
Simon, Scott
The Resisters
Jen, Gish
The Authenticity Project
Pooley, Clare
"Ramones" "Ramones"
Ramones (Musical group), composer, performer.
Neon skyline Neon skyline
Shauf, Andy, performer.
Herstory in the making Herstory in the making
Young MA, composer, performer.
The Third Rainbow Girl The Third Rainbow Girl
Copley Eisenberg, Emma
The Girl with the Louding Voice
Daré, Abi
The Worst Best Man The Worst Best Man
Sosa, Mia
A Fatal Chapter
Barrett, Lorna
Yuknavitch, Lidia
And Sometimes I Wonder About You
Mosley, Walter
The Freedom Artist The Freedom Artist
Okri, Ben
Conflict Is Not Abuse
Schulman, Sarah
Brother & Sister
Keaton, Diane
The Lost Book of Adana Moreau The Lost Book of Adana Moreau
Zapata, Michael
The Highly Sensitive Person The Highly Sensitive Person's Complete Learning Program
Aron, Elaine
Open Book Open Book
Simpson, Jessica
My War Criminal My War Criminal
Stern, Jessica
Angel Eyes
Atkins, Ace
Golden Buddha
Dirgo, Craig
Me and White Supremacy
Saad, Layla F.
Brown, Tracy
The Vineyards of Champagne
Blackwell, Juliet
Cotillions Cotillions
Corgan, Billy, performer.
Thin mind Thin mind
Wolf Parade (Musical group), composer, performer.
Music to be murdered by Music to be murdered by
Eminem, 1972- composer, performer.
While I While I'm livin'
Tucker, Tanya, performer.
Immigrance Immigrance
Snarky Puppy (Musical group), composer, performer.
Kidz Bop. 40 Kidz Bop. 40
Kidz Bop Kids, performer.
Quadra Quadra
Sepultura (Musical group), performer.
Mystic familiar Mystic familiar
Deacon, Dan, 1981- performer, composer.
The unraveling The unraveling
Drive-By Truckers (Musical group), performer, composer.
R.Y.C. R.Y.C.
Mura Masa, 1996- composer, performer.
UR fun UR fun
Of Montreal (Musical group), composer, performer.
Revolution for Dummies Revolution for Dummies
Youssef, Bassem
The Novice's Tale
Frazer, Margaret
End This Depression Now!
Krugman, Paul
Call Me Evie
Pomare, JP
Losing You Losing You
French, Nicci
Witch You Were Here
Woods, Lori
Tweet Cute
Lord, Emma
A Winter's Promise
Dabos, Christelle
Skin Folk
Hopkinson, Nalo
The Man Who Sold America
Reid, Joy-Ann
The Conscience of a Liberal
Krugman, Paul
Falling in Love with Hominids
Hopkinson, Nalo
Nameless Queen
McLaughlin, Rebecca
Interior Chinatown
Yu, Charles
The Last Kids on Earth and the Midnight Blade
Brallier, Max
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Kinney, Jeff
The History of Western Art
Whitfield, Peter
White Lines
Brown, Tracy
The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008
Krugman, Paul
Shouting at the Rain
Mullaly Hunt, Lynda
various authors
Long Walk to Freedom
Mandela, Nelson
The Hidden History of Burma
Myint-U, Thant
Touch Blue
Lord, Cynthia
The Pale Horse
Christie, Agatha
Lonely generation
Echosmith (Musical group), composer, performer.
Bring Me the Horizon (Musical group), composer, performer.
High road
Kesha, 1987- composer, performer.
King of R&B
Jacquees, 1994- composer, performer.
Kokoko (Musical group), composer, performer.
Andrews, Jessica
Which one am I?
D, Howie, 1973-
Cats : highlights from the motion picture soundtrack
Lloyd Webber, Andrew, 1948- composer.
The rough guide to world music for children.
Essential tremors
Walston, J. Roddy.
Garden party
Dopolarians (Musical group), performer.
Breaking Benjamin (Musical group), composer, performer.
Don't mess up my tempo. Exo 5
Exo (Musical group), performer.
Smith, Danez
Rogue Princess
Myers, B. R.
The Other People
Tudor, C. J.
The Truants
Weinberg, Kate
Colfer, Eoin
The Perfect Widow
Castle, A.M.
Why We're Polarized
Klein, Ezra
Don't Call Us Dead
Smith, Danez
The Majesties
Tsao, Tiffany
Clean Getaway
Stone, Nic
Pattou, Edith
Pimsleur Spanish Level 2 Lessons 1-5 MP3
Sword and Scimitar
Ibrahim, Raymond
Song for a Whale
Kelly, Lynne
Dancing at the Edge of the World
Le Guin, Ursula K.
Hey, Kiddo
Krosoczka, Jarrett J.
The Doors of Perception
Huxley, Aldous
Narwhal on a Sunny Night
Osborne, Mary Pope