New Sound Recordings

Mystic Warrior Mystic Warrior
Hickman, Laura
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, and Panic Attacks Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, and Panic Attacks
Rockefeller, James David
Korman, Gordon
Born Bright
Mason, C. Nicole
Jackie & Me
Gutman, Dan
Epstein, Jennifer Cody
Paris to the Moon Paris to the Moon
Gopnik, Adam
A Thousand Small Sanities A Thousand Small Sanities
Gopnik, Adam
Cold Vengeance Cold Vengeance
Child, Lincoln
The Unexpected President
Greenberger, Scott S.
Jake the Fake Goes for Laughs
Mansbach, Adam
The British Are Coming: The War for America, Lexington to Princeton, 1775-1777 The British Are Coming: The War for America, Lexington to Princeton, 1775-1777
Atkinson, Rick
Beginner Beginner's Guide to the Art of Tantric Massage
Rockefeller, James David
The Algebra of Happiness
Galloway, Scott
A Peace to End All Peace A Peace to End All Peace
Fromkin, David
From Scratch From Scratch
Locke, Tembi
At the Strangers' Gate
Gopnik, Adam
The Guns Above
Bennis, Robyn
The Voice in My Head The Voice in My Head
Davis, Dana L.
The Savior The Savior
Ward, J.R.
Indian Summer Indian Summer
Tunzelmann, Alex von
Bottle of Lies Bottle of Lies
Eban, Katherine
The Just So Stories, Volume 2 The Just So Stories, Volume 2
Kipling, Rudyard
Zero Sum Game Zero Sum Game
Huang, S. L.
Hirsch, Jeff
Trans Mission
Bertie, Alex
On the Burning Edge
Dickman, Kyle
The Rival Queens
Goldstone, Nancy
Wife for Hire
Evanovich, Janet
Kiss of Death
Caine, Rachel
The Paris Diversion
Pavone, Chris
You Must Not Miss
Leno, Katrina
Keys to the Kingdom
Marshall, Ty
Dangerous Crossing
Rhys, Rachel
The Battle for Room 314
Boland, Ed
Ghost Town
Caine, Rachel
The Accident
Barelli, Natalie
The Making of a Justice The Making of a Justice
Stevens, John Paul
Zenobia July
Bunker, Lisa
Last Breath
Caine, Rachel
Bite Club
Caine, Rachel
The Perilous Sea The Perilous Sea
Thomas, Sherry
Finding the Bright Side
Bream, Shannon
Gregory, Philippa
Disappearing Earth
Phillips, Julia
Orange World and Other Stories
Russell, Karen
Meet Cute
Hunting, Helena
The Battle for Skandia
Flanagan, John
God Ain't Blind
Monroe, Mary
America Is Speaking, When will Our Hearts Listen
Hannah, Kristin
We Contain Multitudes
Henstra, Sarah
The Great Treehouse War
Graff, Lisa
Sharpe's Fury
Cornwell, Bernard
We Hunt the Flame
Faizal, Hafsah
My Friend Maigret
Simenon, Georges
Tomorrow's Bread
Mayhew, Anna Jean
Nas (Musician), composer, performer.
Evil genius
Gucci Mane, 1980- composer, performer.
The band
DJ Khaled, composer, performer.
Kidz Bop. 39
Kidz Bop Kids, performer.
Absolute Disney. Love songs.
Rockabye baby! Lullaby renditions of Drake.
Drake, 1986- composer.
The Cher show : original Broadway cast recording.
Lullabies of Broadway. Act II
Bessette, Mimi, performer.
Morbid stuff
Pup (Musical group), composer, performer.
In league with dragons
Mountain Goats (Musical group), composer, performer.
California son
Morrissey, performer.
Beauty marks
Ciara, 1985- composer, performer.
Legacy! Legacy!
Woods, Jamila, 1989- composer, performer.
We get by
Staples, Mavis, performer.
It rains love
Fields, Lee, composer, performer.
New York Magazine
Outside Magazine
Red, White & Royal Blue
McQuiston, Casey
Words on Bathroom Walls
Walton, Julia
Everything is F*cked
Manson, Mark
Joseph Had a Little Overcoat
Taback, Simms
If She Wakes
Koryta, Michael
Comedy Sex God
Holmes, Pete
The Never Game
Deaver, Jeffery
The Icebound Land
Flanagan, John
No Walls and the Recurring Dream
Difranco, Ani
Styles, T.
Surprise, Kill, Vanish
Jacobsen, Annie
A Chair for My Mother and Other Stories
Williams, Vera B.
Her Royal Highness
Hawkins, Rachel
The Night Before
Walker, Wendy
Price, Lissa
The Pioneers
McCullough, David
I Wish You All the Best
Deaver, Mason
Children of Ruin
Tchaikovsky, Adrian
Instructions for a Funeral
Means, David
Things My Son Needs to Know about the World
Backman, Fredrik
So You Want to Be President?
St. George, Judith
The Twits, The Minpins & The Magic Finger
Dahl, Roald
The White Devil's Daughters
Siler, Julia Flynn
Resistance Women
Chiaverini, Jennifer
Motivational songs
Raffi, composer, performer.
Living mirage
Head and the Heart (Musical group), performer.